Check Out Our Record Holders

Check out our record holders!!!

1st Place Medal
We have compiled a list of the following records under the records tab:
Fastest Half Marathoners (13.1 Miles) (Male & Female)
Fastest Full Marathoners (26.2 Miles) (Male & Female)
Most Half Marathons (13.1 Miles) Ran (Male & Female)
Most Full Marathons (26.2 Miles) Ran (Male & Female)
Oldest Half Marathoners (13.1 Miles) (Male & Female)
Oldest Full Marathoners (26.2 Miles)
(Male & Female)
Youngest Half Marathoners (13.1 Miles) (Male & Female)
Youngest Full Marathoners (26.2 Miles)
(Male & Female)


We have also updated the Marathoners tab with the runners from 2012 and 2013 Salt Lake City Marathon.

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