Running Tip #1

Nice and Easy

I used to hate running.  I very rarely would just “run”.  Running used to always seem difficult, streneous, and I would feel out of breath and sometimes worse after a run than before.  I regarded running as a necessary EVIL.  The most I had run at a time was probably about 1 mile, and it was not a fun mile.

Things have since changed to where I actually enjoy running. :0  I have run many 5Ks, some half-marathons, and even a marathon.  I am still no olympian and there are countless runners better than I, but I will offer what I can to help anyone looking to get started running.  If anyone has anything they would like to add feel free to comment.


My first tip I would like to offer everyone is the one that has made the biggest difference when I started running, START SLOW!

One of my biggest problems that I had when I would run was that I would try to go fast to “get it over with”.  I would burn myself out before I even had much of chance to warm up, and be left out of breath and not feeling that great.  I, like many others I’ve talked to, have learned to start slow.

The first mile will always feel rough, but if you take it at a SLOW jog it will allow everything to loosen up and warm up.  The majority of the first mile you will likely feel like you want to just be done, but STAY at a slow jog.  Once you get past that first mile you will begin to feel WAY better, you will actually start to feel good and the run might even begin to be enjoyable. 😮

So remember keep your first mile at a SLOW jog,  it should feel TOO slow for you, but still a jog.  Then on the next mile you may pick it up a little and slowly find your cruizing speed.


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